The USA between Scylla and Charybdis

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Photo: Clinton;CJ Gunther/EPA; Trump; Evan Vucci/AP

Photo: Clinton;CJ Gunther/EPA; Trump; Evan Vucci/AP

The United States presidential election is going to return its verdict, but it is clear that he has enough to be worried for the world balance of power there, whether it is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump who wins. Unless the traditional bipartisanship between democrats and republicans would be demolished by the "third parties", in a totally improbable way.

Next week, the people from the United States will elect the 45th president of their history. And seen the campaign of two main favorites for the White House, it has enough to wonder there if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have the level for, so much they drag each from their part pans and that the debates between them turned most of the time in the pugilism, showing the general reduction in the political life across the Atlantic.

Trump, the megalomaniac macho man

The list of the reproaches which can be sent to the republican candidate is long as the arm: deliberate sexism is harder and harder to be assumed, in particular since revelations at the beginning of October on a video where the billionaire held rocky words on the fair sex. He had to, for once, make public excuses. In spite of that, desertions multiplied these last weeks within the Republican party. As for minorities, no excuse from him. The Muslims, the Afro-descendants and the South American do not have right for the gratitude, unless Trump supported certain cases in the past, as the Afro-American boxer Mike Tyson, who gives tit for tat to him. Then, of course, his idea to make a wall along the Mexican border which would be financed by Mexico City instead of Washington proves well that he ignores what urges Mexicans or South American to arrive to the United States, what is traditionally an earth of immigration. Trump, grandson of German immigrants should know something about it. Finally, the billionaire has disputes with the treasury, in particular on his income tax returns over the last 20 years.

But where he seems to convince, it is with the white middle classes in threatened by impoverishment and of the white proletariat, that feel hurt by both mandates of Barack Obama to the White House. And as demographically, the WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) become less and less majority in the American population, it is one of last opportunities to assert certain deserving privileges.

Clinton, the indiscreet warmonger

Near Clinton, that looks less at the possible faults. In particular, the aspect warmonger of the ex-first Lady, nevertheless asserted during the period when she was Secretary of State, during the first mandate of Obama. Moreover, that could play him of the tricks at this end of campaign because FBI boosts an investigation on the use of a private account on behalf of the democratic candidate to send e-mails which can raise affairs of the State, and so exposed to hackers who can get important information on the foreign policy across the Atlantic. Moreover, the gap between her and his republican rival was reduced, and even, she is behind Trump for the first time since May 2016, according to an opinion poll published in the Wall Street Journal.

However, why does she remain favorite? By his political experience, by the escapades of Trump, but also by the necessity to have a leftist speech, in particular with minorities and lower or average classes. The Democratic primary was not an obvious fact for her, against Bernie Sanders, stemming from the left wing of the Democratic party, including the "socialist” references hit the bull's eye in a large part of the population, including the young people. To cross some image of the candidate of Wall Street to that of the social democrat like that existed in Northern Europe in the second half of the 20th century is not easy thing.

A staggering unpopularity

Although they represent both dominant parties of the United States political class, Clinton and Trump enjoy a certain unpopularity, which is to be put in connection with the low level of the debates. Number of inquiries indicates that two main candidates for the supreme function have difficulty in inspiring largely trust with a tired population of Obama’s administration. In particular, to certain minorities, as Afro-Americans, who cannot bear it any more to see some of theirs be killed by white policemen with complete impunity, according to them.

As a result, there is certain space as can use the "third parties", in this particular case the Libertarian party (center right) and the Green party (left). The first one, whose candidate for the presidency is Gary Johnson, former governor of the New Mexico, consider good to skip between Clinton and Trump to gather a moderate electorate which does not trust in the woman of former president Bill Clinton and posts a certain concern to the tycoon of the real estate. The video below gives evidence well, not without humor, of this will to infiltrate between both candidates.

As for the second party, which has for candidate Jill Stein, which was it already in 2012, it put on the citizens who had been convinced by Sanders during the Democratic primary. Sign of an anchoring to the left posted by this Green party. And Stein is one of rare political personalities who calls back that the migratory wave from the Middle East, and mainly aimed at Europe, is strongly bound to the voluntarily militaristic foreign policy and in favor of the business people, in fact a neocolonial imperialism, that it would be necessary to stop. A pious wish to the taste of some but which has the merit to be hammered by a candidate to the White House.

Nevertheless, these two parties, and other ones, more underestimated for people not living in the United States, will manage to shake the slightest bit the bipartisanship democrats/republicans? Nothing is safe because of the funds of campaign ceaselessly more important of these dominant parties there, in spite of a certain mediocrity of both key candidates.

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