Clinton against Trump: not a suprise

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Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

Hillary Clinton's victory in California insures almost definitively the candidacy of the ex-first Lady for the Democratic party. She will find opposite, Donald Trump, insurant since a moment in the Republican party.

She fought and on the final sprint, she can be reassured. Hillary Clinton arrives in head in the Democratic primaries of New Jersey, of the New Mexico, the Dakota of the South and California, insuring her the majority of the necessary delegates to become the candidate of the Democratic party for the election, next November. She is so the second woman nominee in the presidency, and not the first one, as many mass media tell it. The nuance is that Mrs Clinton is the first candidate stemming from one of the two left dominant of the United States political class.

To find an unity

In spite of the congratulations of president Barack Obama, of which she was Secretary of State during her first mandate, the candidate will have to forge the unity around her during the Democratic convention of Chicago, in July. A task o how much difficult because her main rival, Bernie Sanders, does not plan to make of compromise. The senator of Vermont moreover refused the victory of his opponent in the race for the Democratic nomination, even by wanting to convince the democratic superdelegates in Chicago. And it would not be impossible that he can make a candidacy as independent. After all, he did not mobilize citizens around its "socialist" claiming throughout the Primary? Did not he urge Mrs Clinton to adopt a more left-wing discourse, to attract young voters towards her? Anyway, President Obama, who receives Mr Sanders today at the White House, could demand him to support Mrs Clinton. Him and his supporters could disagree about that tactic, which looks like the use of vote for the French Socialist party since the defeat in the presidential election in 2002. The following video gives us an element of answer by Mr Sanders's supporters.

You should not deceive itself. Clinton's victory in the Primary is a Pyrrhic victory. Why? Because citizens consider her as the candidate of Wall Street, the finance, the "1 %", a percentage was chanted by the activists of Occupy Wall Street in 2011. Then her husband, the former president Bill Clinton appears as a coal nut for his wife because he symbolizes 1990s, liberalization confirmed by the US economy and a violent interventionism (Kosovo). Then, the personal fortune of the couple Clinton and their foundation inspire a big distrust on behalf of the citizens. At last, a long time supporter of the agreement of free trade with the European Union - known under the acronym of Tafta-, she backpedals on this point because she feels in an awkward position with the opinion, widely unfavorable, and because Sanders posted its opposition to this project.

The expected duel

Opposite, Donald Trump waits quietly. Knowing the positioning of his democratic opponent, the nominee of the Republican party can have the luxury of asserting himself against Tafta, because of the usual protectionism of the people from the United States regarding commercial policy. What allows the businessman to attract voters proletarians to his cause, nevertheless far from being the one of the proletariat.

The fact remains that the long-awaited duel by American and international observers is going to take really shape, between this two well-to-do as elites like having across the Atlantic. Seen the balance of power of moment, and as Mr Trump urged one by one his rivals of the Primary in the Grand old party (GOP) to withdraw, he seems to leave favorite. Watch out, it is far from being an obvious fact because Mr Trump is not the candidate of the Establishment of the GOP. Consequently, a small party as the Libertarian party, can take advantage of a certain in-draft and play the coal nut for Mr Trump and the republicans.

Really, the presidential election is some more going to reserve surprises, while Mr. Obama prepares little by little its cardboards.

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