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tribute to Junior Murvin

After Tabu Ley Rochereau, one of the pionneers of the Congolese rumba, the world of pure music (not "mainstream music"= bullshit!) loses another representative.

On monday, December the 2d of 2013, Junior Murvin passed away, suffering from diabetes and hypertension. He was a Jamaican reggae artist. He was well known in reggae music by the song "Police and thieves" (you may see it above), produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry, legendary reggae musician. This song became a big hit in Jamaica and England in 1977, so popular that the English punk-rock band The Clash covered it in a punk/reggae version of "Police and thieves" (you may see below), a few months later in 1977.

These two versions show that reggaemen and punks have the same interests, i.e, dignity of human beings, and for some of them, struggle against the capitalist model, which wants to prevent an unity of opprimed persons worldwide.

Farewell, Murvin. Lively the reggae!

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